Modern cameras come in a myriad of shapes, sizes and specifications and it can be a difficult exercise in selecting a device to suit your requirements. The goal of a correctly specified, configured and installed camera should be so that a person may be identified, rather than just recognised or detected. For this to be possible, the image must be clean with adequate light levels, colour representation and pixel density.

Installations can often be demanding because a security camera must perform 24 hours a day in varying conditions and light levels. Additionally, dependant on the scene and type of movement present, image quality may deteriorate due to low light levels. This may only be apparent when there is movement in the scene and appears as motion blur with subjects appearing out of focus.

We also live in a High Definition world. Modern electronics in our smart phones and homes contain megapixel sensors and display HD or Full HD images (TV sets). With prices coming down, there is no better time to consider and benefit from High Definition images. Many installers are still supplying Analogue solutions (images are typically 0.4 Megapixel), and depending on the installation the images may not always be usable. These images will often let you down when you need them most.

Our CCTV Cameras range from standard Analogue Colour Dome Cameras to High End HD and Mega Pixel IP Cameras.

In consultation with the customer, Focus CCTV Pty Ltd will recommend a camera type, this will be largely determined by the application and budget. Our experience will provide you with multiple options for consideration. We will ensure that the system offered delivers on your expectations, meeting your requirements and budget.

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