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About Focus CCTV

Focus CCTV is a Melbourne based company that specializes in IP Surveillance Systems. We have over 20 years CCTV experience in the retail, industrial and commercial industry. Our area of expertise is delivering projects requiring attention to detail in cash handling environments “real time all the time” and high risk security applications where high system availability is mandatory.

Focus CCTV Pty Ltd can design, supply and install small, medium to large scale IP CCTV systems and have numerous reference clients that can attest to the quality of our work and customer service. Focus CCTV Pty Ltd deliver solution based IP CCTV Systems that perform to specification, reliably producing exceptional video quality and functionality on demand.

Why Choose Us?

Enterprise Level Expertise

We have successfully delivered large scale projects on time and budget. We are confident in delivering solutions to suit the smallest or largest of requirements.

Industry Awareness

We invest in training and keep abreast of industry trends. We reduce your risk by recommending carefully selected and tested products.

Custom or Bespoke Solutions

We can tailor a solution to your requirements. We partner with leaders in surveillance and can deliver a system that may not be possible when using one supplier.

We Speak Your Language

Any technology industry is filled with jargon and CCTV is no exception. We are able to understand your requirements and propose solutions to meet your expectations. We take the time to explain what all the acronyms mean and why they may be important.

Our Skills

CCTV IP Solutions – 100%
Data cabling – 100%
IT & IP Networking – 100%
Project Management – 100%
Australian Security Industry Association Limited
Axis Communications Authorised Partner

Dallmeier Certified

Milestone The Open Platform Company
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